If your business looks like this… and you want to make better data-driven decisions,

Powerful AI That Powers Business
and you want a partner who has done it before and can help you make it happen quickly, you have come to the right place! We are the experts that can help you take your traditional enterprise and make it into a digital powerhouse!


We believe that the most underutilized assets in an enterprise are DATA and PEOPLE.
People do the daily drudgery of entering and moving data in and out of ERP, CRM, SCM, e-mail and other applications – updating opportunities, responding to quotes, expediting orders. Or, they spend hours collecting, cleaning and organizing data from these applications into Excel spreadsheets to produce aggregate, historical reports that tell you what happened last month or last week. Not the best use of their time and abilities. Not the best use of the data.


One need at a time. We start from a business need with a tangible value. We then work with your people to simplify the processes, automate what we can using AI technologies, and create analytics-embedded technology solutions that convert data into decision recommendations. Now you are making decisions in a timely manner, enabled by processes that happen at the speed of data.


We bring together deep domain expertise in various industries and functions, a broad range of analytical services, and strong AI and data-related technology skills to solve the complete problem.


We are a team of consultants, scientists and technologists who live and breathe customer success. We live by these words: innovation, partnership, responsive, attention to detail, value focus, quality, integrity, fairness, trust, proactive.